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for graduates of the Commonwealth of    Pennsylvania’s Leadership Development Institute

President's Message

A Call to Action

I ask that you please read the following and thoughtfully consider what has been presented. The association finds itself in a time of transition and we’re asking you to be the leaders we know you can be and rise to the occasion. Without volunteers the organization cannot be successful, but if everyone does a little bit it saves some from having to do all. LDIAA is currently looking for the following and I’m asking for your help:

  • Education Committee Chair-in-training:

 Our current Education Committee chair has been planning book clubs and Leadership and Learn events for the last 10 years and she’s looking to pass on the torch to the next leader. Beth has made wonderful contacts in this role and was at the helm of continued development for all of us! Beth is willing to stay on and help with a concentration on the Book Club. She is unable to cultivate the L&L events at this time and would like to get someone else in place.

  •  Social Committee Chair:

This is our largest committee, but we need a leader! There are a lot of folks willing to pitch in and make events happen – we’re looking for the captain of the ship to keep us all rowing in the same direction.



- - - - -

  • Publicity Committee Help:

     With the advent of our new website (check us out if you haven’t lately) we’re hoping to better use technology to assist with this committee. Any help you are willing to provide – sending out email notices, website content review/proofreading, etc. – please let us know

  • Class Representatives:

Ideally, we would have a class representative (or two …) for each graduating class. That gets more and more difficult from the earliest classes as many have retired and/or moved on (and to be a class rep you must still be employed by the commonwealth), but shouldn’t be quite so hard for the newer years! It’s an easy task and is quite possibly the best way to stay connected with your classmates. The networking takes care of itself.

  • General volunteers:

If you just want to help and don’t know where you would best fit or how to be involved, please reach out. There’s something for everyone and most efforts require minimal time and effort.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the rewards you get from actively participating outweigh the effort you put in.
Give it some thought and reach out to me or one of the other executive board members to volunteer!


Leadership Development Institute Alumnae Association PO Box 468 , Harrisburg, PA 17108

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