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LDIAA is a nonprofit, educational organization with the objective to:

a. To promote and advance the Leadership Development Institute Program in the Commonwealth of PA.

b. To provide a forum for LDIAA's continued professional development by maintaining the professional contacts and networking opportunities begun in the LDI program.

c. To advance professional knowledge and techniques by providing educational opportunities, sharing and exchanging experiences and information relating to State Government and the field of leadership development.



LDIAA wishes you 

a wonderful New Year 

full of learning and 

opportunities to excel





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LDIAA was established 25 years ago and we want to better serve our members.

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President's Message

Welcome to the 2018–2019 LDIAA membership year! What!? Not a member?? Please join and help make LDIAA great again by leading our continuing education efforts, leadership learning, social activities, networking, or by supporting the association in other ways. A shout out and thank you to Mandy Book whose year as immediate past president is now a wrap; thank you, Mandy, for remaining an active contributing LDIAA member.

October ends with the wrap of an important annual work-related activity, the State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA) campaign (ending Oct 26). November leads with two significant LDIAA milestones, the 25th anniversary conference and the LDI Class of 2018 Reception. Work-related, the annual health benefits open enrollment period ends November 2. Hopefully, you’ve paid attention to communications (emails and postal mail) in order to take care of your desires timely, both charitable contributions and health benefits.

 What about non-monetary giving that we do? Blood can be donated every eight weeks. Living organ donations have nine ethical considerations (ref: https://www.nap.edu/read/11643/chapter/11), and hair donation requires a minimum 10-inch length (I’m so close). Mentoring, coaching, instructing, tutoring, training, recycling household items, clothing, vehicles … the many ways of giving through time and effort are as valuable as monetary contributions. A shout out and heartfelt thanks to you readers who give such support.

 Need a spurt of leadership support? Check out these nine videos (OK, there’s a bonus tenth one). Each requires only three minutes or less of your time. While all the videos may not resonate with you, one may inspire you or give you a chuckle. Each carries a brief description, a pro and a con. Pressed for time? Pick any one.


 Looking forward to catching up with you at an LDIAA event or, even better, getting to know you because you’re getting actively involved in the LDI Alum Association.

 Best regards,



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Arrange social and networking activities including the current LDI class reception



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