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The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s newly established Division of Health Informatics has released a new online self-service tool to be used by the public for accessing and analyzing public health data. The changes represent a broader initiative of the Wolf Administration to cultivate a more data-driven culture across the Commonwealth to improve and streamline government effectiveness.

In response to growing demand from health data users across the commonwealth, the initial launch of the new central-ized portal named EDDIE (short for Enterprise Data Dissemination Informatics Exchange) features a dozen of the most frequently requested datasets, such as vital records and cancer incidence, now accessible using customizable, table data visualization. Over time EDDIE will serve additional datasets such as environmental health data and county-level assess-ments while new geographical visualization capabilities are added, such as mapping and charting functions. By streamlining these functions and datasets, the new portal not only saves time and money but also raises the visibility of the datasets themselves.

Health data users can learn how to use EDDIE by visiting the Department of Health’s web page located at: http://doh.pa.gov/eddie. For questions related to EDDIE, please contact to the Division of Health Informatics via email at ra-dhicontactus@pa.gov or by phone at 717-782-2448.

The EDDIE Portal was proudly developed through the collaboration of teams lead by two LDI graduates; Kirsten Shontz (Class of 2012), the manager for the Pennsylvania Health Analysis and Information Management Enterprise Data Ware-house (PHAIM EDW), and Brian Wright (Class of 2015), manager for the Statistical Support section.


Alumni Updates

Kathy Kennedy Meyer and her husband recently adopted a puppy from the Harrisburg Humane Society. The mother was rescued from a hoarding situation and the puppy was born at HHS (to everyone’s surprise… pregnancy wasn’t obvious and it was a single-pup litter). Maizie’s mother is a Miniature Pinscher and her father is, well, unknown, but suspected to be a Tibetan Spaniel. Maizie is about 11 weeks old in the photo and resting, after meeting Kathy’s grandchil-dren and engaging in a bout of energetic play time with them. As Kathy says, "we’ve always had dogs in pairs (in case you’re wondering, the last two lived to ripe old dog ages). I won’t be surprised when my husband lets me know that he has a line on a companion for Maizie!" Mazie’s current day-time companion Kathy’s mother-in-law Ida (who lives with them).

As a radon testing and mitigation specialist (owner/operator of Central Penn Radon, Inc.), Kathy’s husband meets lots of people. He installed a radon mitigation system for the gal who was fostering Maizie and her mom.

Speaking of radon, it’s a great time of year to test your home. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon gas is odorless and invisible. Testing is the only way to know your home’s level of exposure. Central Penn Radon, Inc., would appreciate the opportunity to provide a free estimate should you be in the market for a mitigation system. Kathy will be happy to answer any radon questions you have at the next LDIAA networking event! PA Citizen’s Guide to Radon.


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