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LDIAA Membership

Professional development, Networking, and Continuing education!

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Help!  I need a membership pin!
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How do I get/stay involved?
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Become a Member!     top

      • Annual membership dues are $25 for a program year that runs October 1st - September 30th.
      • Mail $25 and your completed membership form to:

Ken Senft
 PO Box 468
 Harrisburg, PA  17108

      • New members will receive a membership pin

 Membership benefits     top

      • Exclusive access to the “Members Only” area of the LDIAA website. 
      • Access to an archive of the President’s messages, recipes, board meeting minutes. 
      • Information on LDIAA history and governing structure.
      • LDIAA membership lists and LDI alumni information.
        • …and so much more!
          • Free advertising opportunities in the Member’s Business Directory !
          • Advertising potential to more than 500 alumni!
          • Reduced rates for social, networking, and educational events.

 Help!  I need a membership pin!     top

      • New members:  A membership pin will be mailed to you shortly after your membership application is received and processed.
      • If you do not receive your pin within one month of registration, please contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov
      • Current members:  Any active member of LDIAA can purchase a replacement pin.  Contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov and send a check for $3 to:

Ken Senft
 PO Box 468
 Harrisburg, PA  17108

Is my membership current?     top

      • Please contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov to check your membership status for the current program year. 

How do I get/stay involved?     top

      • Become an LDIAA Class Representative
      • Recruit a classmate or two and volunteer together!
      • Responsibilities of class reps:
        ◾Encourage LDIAA membership
        ◾Help maintain the connection for your classmates and any LDI graduates in your agency/commission.
        ◾Provide updates on your LDIAA classmates to the Publicity Committee for inclusion in the newsletter/website.
        ◾Recruit LDI alumni to become LDIAA members.
        ◾Serve as liaison between the LDIAA Board and classmates – attendance (physically or via phone) at monthly board meetings is encouraged!
        ◾Encourage classmates to attend meetings and events.
      • Guidance will be provided by the LDIAA Board on how to accomplish these tasks.
      • Contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov if you are interested in becoming a class rep!

Volunteer for a committee!     top

Contact the chairperson for the committee of your choice if you are interested:

        • Publicity Committee:  Publish or help with the LDIAA website/newsletter. Advertise and promote LDIAA through all available media.
        • Membership Committee:  Recruit new members and retain current members. Maintain membership lists.  Formulate and execute plans for membership drives. 
        • Social Events Committee:  Plan annual programs/events for LDIAA, including arranging meeting facilities, guest lecturers, introductions, gifts and presentation handouts.
        • Education Committee:  Identify educational needs of the organization. Formulate and execute plans for an LDIAA Library.  Plan and conduct seminars and workshops.  Act as a promotion liaison with professional affiliations. 

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