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Professional development, Networking, and Continuing education!

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Become a Member!     top

      • New members will receive a membership pin

 Membership benefits     top

      • Access to member area of website. 
      • Information on LDIAA history and governing structure.
      • LDIAA membership lists and LDI alumni information.
        • …and so much more!
          • Free advertising opportunities in the Member’s Business Directory !
          • Advertising potential to more than 500 alumni!
          • Reduced rates for social, networking, and educational events.

 Help!  I need a membership pin!     top

      • New members:  A membership pin will be mailed to you shortly after your membership application is received and processed.
      • If you do not receive your pin within one month of registration, please contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov
      • Current members:  Any active member of LDIAA can purchase a replacement pin.  Contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov and send a check for $3 to:

Ken Senft
 PO Box 468
 Harrisburg, PA  17108

Is my membership current?     top

      • Please contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov to check your membership status for the current program year. 

How do I get/stay involved?     top

      • Become an LDIAA Class Representative
      • Recruit a classmate or two and volunteer together!
      • Responsibilities of class reps:
        ◾Encourage LDIAA membership
        ◾Help maintain the connection for your classmates and any LDI graduates in your agency/commission.
        ◾Provide updates on your LDIAA classmates to the Publicity Committee for inclusion in the newsletter/website.
        ◾Recruit LDI alumni to become LDIAA members.
        ◾Serve as liaison between the LDIAA Board and classmates – attendance (physically or via phone) at monthly board meetings is encouraged!
        ◾Encourage classmates to attend meetings and events.
      • Guidance will be provided by the LDIAA Board on how to accomplish these tasks.
      • Contact Ken Senft at ksenft@pa.gov if you are interested in becoming a class rep!

Volunteer for a committee!     top

Contact the chairperson for the committee of your choice if you are interested:

        • Publicity Committee:  Publish or help with the LDIAA website/newsletter. Advertise and promote LDIAA through all available media.
        • Membership Committee:  Recruit new members and retain current members. Maintain membership lists.  Formulate and execute plans for membership drives. 
        • Social Events Committee:  Plan annual programs/events for LDIAA, including arranging meeting facilities, guest lecturers, introductions, gifts and presentation handouts.
          • Chair:  Is this you?  If you’re good at organizing entertaining events, love LDIAA and like having fun, this is the job for YOU! Contact us for details and help us be more social!  If you’re not ready to step into that role, we would appreciate help on the committee! (RA-LDIAA@pa.gov)
        • Education Committee:  Identify educational needs of the organization. Formulate and execute plans for an LDIAA Library.  Plan and conduct seminars and workshops.  Act as a promotion liaison with professional affiliations. 
          • Chair:  Is this you?   If your passion is continuing education, this role is for you. Or maybe you want to help support the cause yet are hesitant to take the lead. That’s fine, because we have ideas for you to plan and implement.  Let's talk! (RA-LDIAA@pa.gov)

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PO Box 468 Harrisburg  PA 17108

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